Proxies, StormPulse, and Wetpaint, oh my!

Tech Tips: With two mobile labs, a digital camera cart, and open lab times in the computer lab, you may be trying to schedule a time to come and use one of these features of our school but are worried about double-booking. In case you forget, or if you are new, you can use the Proxies in Groupwise to accomplish this. When you proxy into the FTE Lab or the FTE Outdoor Classroom, you’ll be able to view the calendar and see who has booked it. Simply double click to post the time you’d like to use. Instructions are located in the Teacher Shared-> tech tips-> Groupwise Help.

Tech Guru: Jamie Berrios, on top of her new bundle of joy and her Master’s classes, found time this summer to create a new 5th grade webpage using a Wiki called It has a nice, clean look to it and the best thing, you can edit it from anywhere!! No Frontpage required! Take a look, as this may be the future of how we create and edit our websites.

Cool Website of the Week: stormpulse With Ike quickly approaching and bringing gloom and doom to our UT football game, check out this site that tracks it and provides cool interactive features. Show your class!

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Director of Innovative & Digital Learning at Eanes ISD, Founder of iPadpalooza, EdTechTeacher Consultant, Zombie-enthusiast, T&L Leader of the Year for 2014 and father of 3.

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