Photostory, an ol' Fave

Tech Guru: Looking for a quick and fun way to show some photos, don’t forget about Microsoft’s Photostory 3. Lori Brandenburg is utilizing this free application to showcase some of her class’s photos and setting it to some of her favorite American Idol music no doubt. When she’s not flashing her “Techie Pants” dance to her teammates as well as hallway onlookers, she’s busy helping others with this fun, easy-to-learn program. For a few extra points or reminders, check out the Atomic Learning video tutorials at this link: Photostory Videos

Tech Tips: We’ve got a lot of important dates coming up, with conferences, faculty meetings, report cards, and the all important Thanksgiving Holiday. Many of you have some sort of device to track your important dates, whether it be a paper calendar or a Blackberry. Don’t forget that your own Groupwise calendar is extremely easy to use and you can even set an alarm to go off a set time before the event as a reminder. (of course, you have to have Groupwise open for this to happen).

Best Polling Websites of the Week: With the elections right around the corner, you may want to have your kids create their own online polls or create your own class poll for the kids to use. Here’s a couple of choices that could work for you in a pinch:

1. Demochoice is a website that allows you or your students to create an instant poll for others to look at. After the student creates their poll, they are given a link to that poll that other students can access. Here’s the best part, no email addresses required and you can opt out of advertisments being posted on the poll. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but simple and quick. Here’s some examples of what Tori Brown’s class did today: Mrs. Brown’s Polls

2. Another website, with a few more features is is a useful survey site that let’s you upload a logo, add pictures, create multiple-choice, multiple-answer, or even write in questions. A great way to create a little online quiz for students to check for understanding on a subject. Or better yet, have the kids create the quiz and you can see their results. Results are available either via email or by logging into the kwiksurvey website and the website itself seemed pretty intuitive, except when it came to posting my survey on my website. That part took a couple of minutes to adjust it, but that’s mostly because I wanted the right color scheme, pictures, etc.

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