A Streak That I Used to Know, Maybe. [fun]

Those of you that follow me on twitter have become aware of a certain phenomenon called the #CarlyRaeGotyeStreak. The streak, which ended yesterday, entailed 36 days in a row this summer when I was exposed to either Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe” or Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know.” When I say “exposed”, I mean it. This was not your typical summer hit that you hear on the radio all the time. These songs seemed to find their way to my ears like some sort of demented mermaid siren song (See also: LMFAO’s Party Rock and now that new Rihanna song)

What separates these two songs from all others is the amount of replay they have received in Lipdubs and parodies. Here’s just a few examples that people have tweeted, emailed, texted or posted on my Facebook page:

Cookie Monster’s Share it Maybe Parody

and one I discovered while looking for those which will go viral soon I’m sure:

Batman Maybe Parody

Then the Gotye’s:

Star Wars That I Used to Know Parody

And what I lovingly referred to as the opening of the seventh gate:

Do Not Push – A Gotye Call Me Maybe Mashup

Don’t Record and Drive

As if the parodies via twitter and the car radio weren’t enough, soon people started to catch wind of the streak which made it actually stretch even longer. Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4U) and Jon Samuelson (@iPadSammy) started a SMS group exchange of various times we’d hear the songs on our car stereos and then text video proof to each other. The dangers of video recording and driving aside, this was becoming a true phenomenon on the same level as the infamous Rick Rolls of years’ past.

It seems there was no escaping this. What started out on a roof-top bar in San Diego at ISTE 2012 (along with the a fore mentioned Jon and Lisa as well as Alison Anderson @tedrosececi) had grown into an inescapable addiction, much like those Storage Wars shows on A&E. Despite the frequency with which the songs were heard, streak was in jeopardy on several occasions. The second to last day of the streak, it nearly ended when before going to bed I decided to turn on NBC and see what had happened in the Olympics. Wouldn’t you know it, at 11:01 pm as Bob Costas was interviewing Missy Franklin, there it was, the USA swim team’s lipdub of Call Me Maybe playing in the back ground! It wasn’t the first time I had gotten a sneak attack of the song either. While watching Mike & Mike in the Morning before heading out the door on day 29.

The first record of the streak was on July 6th when I posted that I had heard that Gotye song for the last 4 days. At that point I started keeping track but didn’t actually use the hashtag and update on twitter until day 22. That’s when both my PLN and my friends started sending them to me to keep the streak alive. On day 30, Chris Parker (@kreyus) left me a voicemail of Carly Rae. On day 31, when it looked like the streak would end, Cody Spraberry (@dillseed1232) sent me Gotye via SMS. Even Pandora wouldn’t leave me alone when it played the remix version of Gotye’s song on day 27.

Again, I’m amazed most with the amount of methods these songs made their way into my head over the last month+. To sum up, here’s an infographic breakdown of the #CarlyRaeGotyeStreak:

#CarlyRaeGotye streak

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