I’m excited to announce that my book series Mobile Learning Mindset is available for purchase through Amazon!  This book series consists 6 books, each focusing on a different area of focus for anyone implementing or supporting a mobile device initiative.  The first two books focus on district and campus leadership.  The third book focuses on instructional coaches and professional learning. Book 4 focuses on the classroom teacher and learning environment while integrating mobile devices. One other major aspect of a mobile device initiative is educating the parents, which is the focus of book 5. The final book delves into ways IT departments can help support mobile learning.

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The District Administrator’s Guide to Implementation

Blank white book w/pathOrder District Leader’s Guide here

The Coach’s Guide to Implementation

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Order Coach’s Guide here

The Parent’s Guide to Implementation

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The Principal’s Guide to Implementation

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The Teacher’s Guide to Implementation

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The IT Staff’s Guide to Implementation

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Order IT Staff’s Guide here