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Future Ready Schools

The UnDisruptEd Podcast

This is a podcast for tech leaders by tech leaders. In this podcast co-hosted by the amazing Dr. Adam Phyall – the guys tackle all sorts of issues when it comes to technology in schools, with a side of humor. In the current state of K-12 schools, tech leaders are asked to do a lot, so why not ask them to do one more thing and give this podcast a listen? It might be the laugh they need to get them through the next day.

Currently on Season 4.


The Learning Unleashed Podcast

In this ISTE podcast, Carl interviews authors of all types of genres when it comes to education. Diving deep to get to know what makes these authors’ tick and discussing innovative ideas when it comes to educational technology in schools. This podcast is produced by the amazing crew at BAM Radio Network and provides proven strategies for teaching with technology along with personal insights from the ISTE authors.

Just finished Season 3.