Appy Hour Menus


How this works: On your iPad – Click on the following image and “Open in iBooks” – The links will then become interactive.  You can click on any app and it will take you to the App store for you to download and try out.  All posted here are free:

Valentine’s Day Appy Menu

iCe Cream n’ iPads Appy Hour Menu

iCe Cream menu from Guest Menu Designer – Margie Brown – @mbrowneisd

Holiday App Menu

Bloom’s Appy Menu

Credit to @dmileham75  and her Google Site: For most of these ideas.  Also thanks to Lisa Johnson at NorthEast ISD and her site: for linking to these and for the Appy Hour idea.

Here’s the original one I did for the high school teachers.  Kind of a coffee shop feel to it.

High School Appy Hour Menu

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  1. Keep them coming! When I finally create my own, you’ll be the first source that has a copy.

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  3. Carl, what program/app did you use to create the menus? This is really neat!!!

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