Introducing the ISTE Ed Tech Poetry Slam (in the style of slam poetry)

To write poetry that is not meant to be read

Can be daunting, so we’ll do this instead.

On a special Monday night, 12 poets will gather.

There will be laughters and tears, as they share things that matter.

Why poetry you ask?

Nothing strips away our surface like powerful words exclaimed on a stage.

No slides. Three minutes. One microphone. One sage.

Audience applause comes in the forms of snaps and “Woo hoo”‘s.

Knowledge is our reward but a championship belt too

For the poet deemed ruler of all words at the theatre on Toulouse.

Enjoying rhymes with pizza and booze.

Poetry is art just as art can be poetry.

And it doesn’t always have to rhyme.

When these dozen orators take the stage, we will witness their artistic representation of self in the world of ed tech.

It might be funny. There might be a call to action.

Emotion and words mixed together to share their story in prose.

Why poetry you still ask?

In an era where our attention has value,

Where our clicks and likes matter more and more,

Giving our full attention to the artist on stage is the ultimate gift.

Your presence is a present if you will.

So on this Monday night in June,

Attendees of ISTE will gather in a theater with its own personality.

Curtains and mics mixed with food and drinks.

Emotion and connection mashed with music and revelry.

So when you ask me why poetry?

Why not poetry, I declare.

Because what is life if we cannot express it in words?


Monday, June 27, 2022

6:30-10:30pm (big announcement at 6:45, slam begins at 7:15)

Toulouse Theatre

RSVP here and join the ISTE group at K12Leaders.com for details on how to get some VIP beads!

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Educator, global speaker and consultant, event organizer, educational strategist and CEO of HookerTech LLC, Future Ready Schools Faculty member, author of the 6-book series "Mobile Learning Mindset", "Ready Set FAIL!" and his latest book "Learning Evolution: The New Era of AI in the Classroom." He also is the host of the ISTE Learning Unleashed podcast and the UnDisruptED podcast by Future Ready schools. He is most importantly, a husband and father of 3.

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