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Without Steve


In honor of Steve Jobs, I’m writing this post on my iPhone while holding my nearly asleep 7-week old in my arms. Think about that for a minute. I can create and publish in the palm of my hand while providing a much needed cushy shoulder to sleep on. Earlier this morning I had FaceTime between my wife’s iPod and my phone since I knew she had it in her hand Meanwhile, her 3-year old, ancient, non-smart phone lay dormant somewhere in the house. Why did she have the iPod on her at 6:35 in the morning? It has an app that let’s her know which side she breast-fed Baby Hooker 2.0 on last and how long she fed. Perfect app for a sleep-deprived mama.
The point of me telling you this story of our day is to point out that none of this would have been possible without the innovative mind of one of the world’s greatest tinkerers. Sure blogs would have existed, but holding a laptop on my lap while holding this baby would have been an exercise in futility. Yes, my wife could easily have held a notepad that tells her which side and when in terms of breastfeeding. And I suppose we could have strung together some sort video version of the cans with the string between them. But all this with something that fits in the palm of your hand? Ridiculous! Right?

Without Steve – kids would still be walking the streets listening to CD albums from bands that only put one or two good songs on their record so it will sell, since kids couldn’t buy just the song they wanted for 99 cents.

Without Steve – Toy Story would have been a flat, 2-D animated attempt of ripping off Disney.

Without Steve – We would all still be typing in Courier font.

Without Steve – The blue screen of death would just be a signal for another coffee break, since it would be an acceptable way of life.

Without Steve – We’d be making phone calls on something between the Zach Morris phone and the RaZr. Functional? Yes. Ability to do more than one thing? No way.

Without Steve – our one-to-one tablet pilot at the high school would have involved some cumbersome, windows based tablet. And it would have failed.

Without Steve – black turtlenecks and blue jeans would have been seen as some sort of beatnik halloween costume, not the uniform of an icon.

Without Steve – My job might still exist, but it wouldn’t be as fun.

Without Steve – The cool kids would rule instead of the nerds inheriting the earth.

Without Steve- “i” would just be a letter between h and j. .

Without Steve – We would live long fruitful lives, but would we truly be happy?

We’ll miss you Steve, but here’s hoping a little piece of you lives in all of us now.

I know it does with me…


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Educator, global speaker and consultant, event organizer, educational strategist and CEO of HookerTech LLC, Future Ready Schools Faculty member, author of the 6-book series "Mobile Learning Mindset" and his newest book "Ready Set FAIL!" He also is the host of the ISTE Learning Unleashed podcast and the UnDisruptED podcast by Future Ready schools. He is most importantly, a husband and father of 3.

4 comments on “Without Steve

  1. Great post Mr. Hooker.

  2. Wally Moore

    Good stuff Carl, thanks!

  3. Nice post. I love (iLove) that you wrote this post on you iPhone. #appleacademy (July, 2011)

  4. Rebekah Smith

    Great way to start my Sunday morning…reading your blog! You are a gifted writer and I wish I knew the secret to how you find the time in your busy professional and personal life to squeeze in writing time!

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