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iPad Management Webinar

Hi all –

Recently I was asked to participate in a webinar with Bryan Doyle from Bastrop ISD on iPad management. I go into the nuts and bolts of why we chose to do the 1:1 iPad project at WHS during this webinar, but also some helpful management tips for those running a 1:1 environment.

Bryan has a wealth of experience with iPad carts and he spends some time clarifying the VPP process and the method to which he syncs his carts during the 2nd half of this webinar. Here’s the archived video:

Thanks to Tim Holt for hosting this!

p.s. If you want to actually view this on the iPad, an app called Photon does the trick since it’s in flash. (I mention that in this webinar)

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  1. This is a real find! I applaud your vision and am thankful for this illuminating post.

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