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Carl’s Corner – Weekly reviews coming soon…

Greetings readers!

Starting next week, I will be kicking off a regular new section of this blog called “Carl’s Corner”. In it, I’ll be featuring a different app, tool, strategy, device, program, etc and how it can help teachers and students in any environment.

Rather than just review the app, I’m also going to share some resources and ideas on how it can be used in your classroom. As every school and situation is different, I’ll be looking for tools that can be used on any platform and device. In some cases, it might even be an analog tool or idea (like improv!) that teachers can use without a device.

Most of the reviews will be of my own impetus. However, some may be sponsored reviews paid for by a company. In those cases, I’ll put a disclaimer that reads “sponsored review”, however I will still give my honest feedback of whatever the tool may be. Some tools I’ll be looking at the next couple of months include: Clubhouse, FlipGrid, and a few other Ed tech faves as we take them apart and see what makes them tick as well as different strategies for using them in education.

If you have a tool or app that you’d like me to look at and review, feel free to fill out this form. I’ll be sure to give you a shout out (if you like) as well! (Please note – if you are a vendor/company – fill out this link for a sponsored review)

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Educator, global speaker and consultant, event organizer, educational strategist and CEO of HookerTech LLC, Future Ready Schools Faculty member, author of the 6-book series "Mobile Learning Mindset", "Ready Set FAIL!" and his latest book "Learning Evolution: The New Era of AI in the Classroom." He also is the host of the ISTE Learning Unleashed podcast and the UnDisruptED podcast by Future Ready schools. He is most importantly, a husband and father of 3.

3 comments on “Carl’s Corner – Weekly reviews coming soon…

  1. Camille Johnson

    My vote is for Seesaw. It has been a Godsend as we navigate online learning (since April!!!) I teach kinder and Seesaw allows me to send out assignments with voice instructions and video clips. Students can move objects around the screen and even type or write on PDFs. Oh how I love Seesaw!!!!!

    • I can’t imagine how early elementary teachers and students would be surviving remote learning without a tool like SeeSaw.

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